Introduction: Seaweed Salad Tropical Candy

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I was inspired recently by the sushi-related entries in the Deceptive Desserts Contest. Well that, and a burning desire to test out my new macro lens. The idea came to me when I finished by Seaweed Salad Instructable. Using a few simple items, it is easy and straightforward to create a realistic-looking and tasty candy version.


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Step 1: Cut Out the Green

I was unable to find any solid green fruit leathers at my local grocery store, so I had to make due with these "mixed" ones. The green colored sections are "tropical flavored" and just the right color and translucency for our seaweed. It was just a matter of slicing the green sections free.

Step 2: Slice Thin

With the green sections free of the rest of the fruit leathers, slice the sections into thin strips about 1/16" to 1/8" thin strips. They don't have to be of a consistent, or an even width. Once you have sliced them all, place them in a bowl or on a sushi plate and sprinkle with the white jimmies.

Enjoy with some candy sushi!

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