Introduction: Truck Rack Roof Spoiler Air Dam Diffuser.

This is a project to solve the booming noise this truck rack makes when travelling at speeds above 40mph.

There are products one can buy to help , but I went with making my own. The inspiration for this idea was another fellow who made an air spoiler for his Subaru out of an old snow board...

Here are the finished photos. Painted and mounted to truck rack. Spray painted several coats of Rustoleum and then clear coat. Used clear silicon at joint of rubber hose and wood panel. The wood panel is a 48" x 24" exterior plywood piece, cut down to size. The black hose is an insulated water hose that was split in half, ran it through a table saw. The nuts and bolts are stainless steel. The clamps are 2" rubber coated clamps. My technique was to tape off area where the panel was to be centered. This acted as a rough guide as to where to drill the bolt holes.

The angle of the panel is similar to the wind shield angle.

Anyway , the wind diffuser really cuts down on the resonating , booming sound the rack makes above 40mph.

Step 1: This Is What the Final Piece Looks Like Attached to the Rack.

Step 2: Cut Some Wood.

I marked off the center line and side lines on the blue painters tape. This worked as easy , quick , go to, reference marks. The toughest part is deciding where the drill / bolt holes were going to be. The angle of the windshield decided it though. At the wind shield angle . approximately 25*, the board ends up 16 inches.

The panel was bevel cut with a jigsaw , to match the angle it was mounted at. The corners were scribed in a circle in order to round the edges.

The insulated water hose was run through a table in order to make straight cut. The hose has a natural tendency to remain curled in a circle and kinda clamped itself on to the panel. But powergrab adhesive was added to make sure it held in place. Then, clear silicon was spread on the edges , between the board and the hose , after painting.

The panel was sanded next, 150 and 200 grit..Then spray painted. Two can of orange were used. The clear coat added as well.

The panel mounted on the rack does reduce the booming resonating noise. The panel does move around a little bit, like after large bumps in the road. One thought was to drill another hole through the panel and the metal tube , about half way in the middle, in order to put a bolt that would stop it from moving..But , the way it is ,works fine..