Introduction: Truffle Gift Box Favors

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Do you have a lot of toilet paper rolls lying around in your recycling bin? Put them to good use by making this cute, sweet truffle container and totally transform your trash into treasure with this recycled eco gift box. It's an easy DIY recycle truffle gift box favor for weddings, parties, etc.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

What you'll need:
1- toilet paper roll
1- 4 1/8 inch by 5 5/8 inch sheet of decorative paper
Double sided tape

Step 2: Construct Container

To make the gift container:
1. Attach three strips of double sided tape lengthwise on the two outer edges and the middle of the back of your decorative paper.
2. Line up short edge of paper along length of cardboard tube.
3. Carefully wrap around 3/4 of the tube with the paper, being sure your paper is not crooked and that you are firmly pressing the tape against the cardboard.
4. Attach a fourth strip of tape to the width of the paper still unattached to the tube and overlap the paper, firmly pressing down the tape.
5. With your thumb, indent half the edge of the tube on one side.
6. Flip over to the side without the edge of the paper and indent the other half of the tube, overlapping the first indentation.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

To finish the truffle container:
1. Add wrapped truffles to the inside of your gift container.
2. Indent the other side of the tube as specified in Step 2 instructions.
3. Wrap a ribbon and tie a bow around the circumference of the container.
4. Personalize any way you like!
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