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Introduction: Tube Worklight LED Conversion

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This is an old faulty fluorescent tube worklight which I converted to use LED technology.

The old tube light had blown capacitors and inductors and had been repaired before finally giving up the ghost. The light output was poor and also flickery.

I was going to buy a new led worklight, but then I thought to upcycle the old one to LED at a fraction of the cost.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts (available from banggood):
* old fluorescent worklight (for case)
* 5watt 50cm LED light strip with aluminium heatsink backing and lens cover. I prefer cool white rather than warm white for working.
* 10watt 12v led power supply (mini board to fit within tube handle.
* 4 terminal block connector

Tools & Skills:
* soldering iron
* hacksaw

Step 2: Upcycle It

unplug worklight

This tube light was held together by plastic studs. 1 above, 1 below the clear tube. Remove studs using narrow jewellers screwdriver.

Pull top and bottom away from clear tube.
Slide out fluorescent lamp, wiring and circuit board.
Disconnect mains supply cable to board.

Connect mains supply wire to new 12v board using 2 terminal blocks.
similatly run 2 short pairs of wires from 12v output via terminal blick to led strips.

My tube light could comfortably take 2 led strips of 25cm each. So I cut the 50cm led light strip in 2 halves. Solder the 12v wires to the strips noting correct polarity.

I managed to wedge two strips of heatsink & lens with two led strips into the clear tube (rattle free and acts as a heatsink to keep leds cool)

reassemble light and pop back in the plastic studs.

Step 3: Test It!

Simple, plug it in and check the light output.

I was so impressed I did a 2nd tube light in warm white.

Congratulations, you now have an LED workight which is:
✔much brighter than a tube
✔more reliable than an electronic ballast
✔instant full brightness on power up
✔ half the power consumption
✔ a fraction of the price of a new one
✔ cheap and simple to maintain
✔ done your bit for the environment.

Now go treat yourself to a beer ☺

Step 4:

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    3 years ago

    A few years on, and still working reliably. I had one led which needed resoldering, due to poor manufacturing.
    Power supply is a bit noisy on radio interference though.


    7 years ago

    The smd 5630 leds do not require an al heat sink......why unneccesarily ise one?

    Real Truth
    Real Truth

    Reply 3 years ago

    NONSENSE! Real 5630 is 0.5W but many cheapskate bought those low graded 0.2W or lower so they are not hot. Less heatsink with real 0.5W burnt these diodes within few minutes.If you dont know, please stop posting nonsenses which will wrongly lead others to cause confusion and problems to them.


    Reply 7 years ago

    it came with the led strip and i needed something to fill the void in the tube. so why not use it if it fits ☺


    Reply 7 years ago

    Oh didn't know you got it along with the strip........ Just saying because it unnecessarily increases your project cost...........


    Reply 7 years ago

    total cost $7 or about £5.


    7 years ago

    Finally I find a kindred spirit in the Warm white vs. Cool white argument.