Tulle Flowers

Introduction: Tulle Flowers

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  • Tulle (of varying colors)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Brad(s)
  • Lighter(s)
  • Tea Light/Candle (Optional)
  • Gorilla Glue (Optional)
  • Sequins (Optional)

Step 1: Cut Out Circles

The first thing you want to do is to cut out pieces of fabric. Each piece will be slightly smaller than the last one you cut. Start by cutting out squares and the trimming each square into a circle because I find it is a lot easier to do it this way. Lay out all your pieces to make sure they are at the sizes you want them to be.

Step 2: Time to Curl

Here is a small warning in case you are a kid and your parents care about you "playing" with fire. Don't touch the flame, very simple. Also, if the lighter get really hot just put it down and let it cool off because otherwise, your poor thumb will feel slightly "burned". If you don't feel safe using a lighter, light a tea light.

Using tweezers if you care to, I did not, to hold the fabric close but not touching the flame. Be patient and the sides will crisp up and curl. Practice a few times on some scarp tulle so that you don't burn your precious petals. Do this to every single one of your petals. Try your best not to light it on fire, but don't panic if it does. Just blow it out and set down the melted tulle. It happened to me twice but each time after blowing it out the tulle stayed intact with only a small melted side.

Step 3: Time to Put It Together

Now with your beautifully made petals, you will use a brad to connect them all. Start with the smallest petal and stick the brad through the top so that the center of the flower will be the flat top of the brad. Then slowly connect all of your other petals on. Start with the smallest and end with the largest. Afterward, bend the brad so that it curves with the petals so that it stays nice a fluffy and, will have a smaller chance of being crushed flat.

Step 4: How to Make Them Cuter

A great way to make your flowers look more pretty is to add tons of layers of tulle. For one of my favorite roses, I used over 10-13 layers of fabric. Also, another great way is to decorate the center. I used gorilla glue instead of hot glue to attach a sequin to the middle because I wanted the sequin to stay on long-term.

Step 5: Now What to Do

Glue or sew your cute flowers onto headband, bracelets, bobby pins, hair ties, and so much more for cute decorations. One of my friends used her flowers to make a cute corsage, and another made a small headband for her baby sister. I used mine for decoration on my Mother's Day card. Sometimes I just make them so that I can use them as decoration for my room as well.

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    4 years ago

    Very clever technique, I like it. Nicely done!