Introduction: Tumbling Portable Composter

I wanted to make a tumbling composter that was portable and super easy to make. Using sawhorses and ubolts allows me to move it anywhere. Took us about a hour to make and cost about $50 bucks!

Step 1: Items Needed

One 55 gallon food grade barrel, 2 sawhorses, 2 ubolts, hinges, door latches. metal or wooden pole, a couple of cheap handles. You'll need a hole saw, drill and jigsaw.

Step 2: Mark the Center of the Barrel

Mark the center of top and bottom. Then using a hole saw cut out a hole big enough for your pole to go through.

Step 3:

Drill a random band of holes every 3 inches or so for ventilation

Step 4:

Find the middle of the sawhorse and drill holes for the u-bolts.

Step 5:

Cut out a door with a jigsaw. Use the hinges to reattach and the latches to keep the door closed when you spin.

Step 6:

Place pole through the holes you cut and slip pole into the ubolts. We placed ours close to the garden so we can turn the door down and add directly to the garden or place a wheel barrow underneath the catch compost.

Step 7: Feeding the Drum

Place your composting material in through the door. Lock it up and give it a spin. It does get heavy so handle placed randomly will help spin it.

Step 8: Reap the Rewards

Keeps a garden healthy.
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