Introduction: Tuna Salad Sandwich! (less Boring Edition)

Hello all!

My wife and I are long time instructables fans, but have yet to post any of our own (it's hard for us to remember to take pics when we build stuff). So to try and get us in the habit, we decided that we'd make an easy one first. So without further ado, here's our version of a tuna salad sandwich.

Step 1: Setup

Alright so the food stuffs you need are:



-Tuna (doi)

-Green onions (not pictured)

-Mayonaise (we made the mistake of buying 'light', don't make the same mistake! It's way too liquidy)



-Bread (we choose light rye, pumpernickel is also tasty)

-Options: Mustard, paprika, fresh dill, and/or cracked pepper

Other supplies needed are pretty simple:



-Cutting board


Step 2: Ingredients, Assemble!


Celery, green onions, and pickles


In a large bowl, mix together above chopped items with the tuna, adding the mayo last until you have the desirable consistency. Add whatever optional spices you enjoy, we like paprika, fresh dill, or just plain old pepper.


This step is optional, but it really does taste better the next day!

Step 3: Sandwich Construction

Toast your bread, add a nice fresh piece of lettuce and a cheese of your choosing (we used gruyere). Mustard is a tasty addition, if that's something you're into.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Just add your tuna salad!

Step 5: Final Step, Enjoy!

We like sharing, but feel free to hog a whole sandwich to yourself

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