Introduction: Tuneable Rubber Band Guitar

This is a simple project with a cool result. It takes limited materials and time.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1. Lumber of some kind (Just something you can put a guitar shape on)

2. Screw Eyes x3

3. Thin sheet metal (It has to bend).


1. Scroll Saw, Jig Saw, or Coping Saw

2. Drill Press or Handheld

3. Drill Bit the Size of Your Bolts

4. Router with Small Cleanout Bit (Optional)

5. Misc. Drill Bits

Step 2: Draw Your Guitar

This step is where you draw the shape of the guitar. I first installed the screw eyes just to get a reference point when drawing the neck. Then I hand drew the neck based around the screw eyes. For the body, I used a template that I found online.

Whatever you do, you still have to have slits at the bottom. They act as the bridge. Draw as many as you want strings.

Step 3: Cut It Out

I used a scroll saw to cut out the shape then I sanded it down. You can use a jig or a coping saw if you don't have a scroll saw. This step is crucial in getting the look you want.

Hint: If doing a design like mine, do a series of relief cuts or you will break blades.

Step 4: Cut Out Eyes

You can skip this step if you want but if doing the skull design, it gives it a better look. I used a small cleanout bit in my router and set it to a small depth.

Then I peeled off the template.

Step 5: Make the Tuning "Pegs"

Use the thin sheet metal to make the "pegs". Cut small rectangles that fit on the flat part of the neck. Then drill two small holes on either end, one for a nail and one for the rubber band.

When done attach them to the neck. I used a small nail through the bottom hole.

Step 6: Finish

Give it a coat of paint or stain and string up the rubber bands by tying a knot in one end then feed it through the "peg". Then tie a knot in the other end and put it through the slot at the other end.

You can tune it by bending the metal either direction and by using different size rubber bands.

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