Introduction: Tunisian Simple Mitts

Intro, Gauge, and Measurements!

Warning - You need to already know how to do at least Tunisian Simple Stitch both in the round and flat to work this project.


First step is to gather the needed materials. You'll need

1 (or 2) skeins Red Heart Soft Yarn (#4 acryllic)

Double ended crochet hook, size J (6mm)

Slip stitch markers

Locking stitch markers


Yarn needles

Stitch holder that closes

<Gauge and Measurements>

Next, make a 4" x 4" square of Tunisian Simple Stitch flat and am 8" or 9" diameter ring x 4" tall of Tunisian Simple Stitch in the round. Both have to match in gauge for the project to be even throughout! Follow the directions in the video to get the necessary gauge and measurement numbers for your mitt. Do your calculations as explained. Now you're ready for Step 2 - Base to Round Split!

Step 1: Step 2: Base to Round Split

Work your chains, foundation round, and rounds as calculated or until you have enough rounds that you're happy. You need to plan for your Round Split to be worked 1 round higher than where you think you needed it because of how it's hinged at the bottom. Work the Round Split as explained in the video. On to Step 3 - Flat Rows to Flat Join to Finish!

Step 2: Step 3: Flat Rows to Flat Join to Finish

Work your flat rows for your thumb hole until you're almost ready for your Flat Join. The Flat Join hinges at the top so you need to plan for it 1 row lower than where you think you need it. Pick up the first 6 or so stitches of your row to be joined. Follow the video's directions to work the Flat Join and the round after it. Finish working the desired number of top rounds, bind off, and weave in the tails (Remember to use the Round Split tail to reinforce the split and the Flat Join tail to reinforce the join!). Enjoy your new mitts and new techniques that you can use in other projects of your own creation!!

The last video is on color work, mostly how to do a simple one with the Flat Join since there's no change in technique when doing a simple color work using the Round Split.