Introduction: Tunnel Book DIY

In this instructable I will show you how to create a tunnel book which is pretty much a 3D style book.

Step 1: Materials

- Scissors
- Ruler
- Paper Cutter
- Pencil and Eraser
- X-Acto Knife
- White Cardstock or Watercolor Paper (If you intend to paint the book)
- Glue
- Imagination

Step 2: Planning Your Tunnel Book

You're going to want to sketch out your idea first to plan out the pages.

First draw the shape of your tunnel. Mine is a circle but yours could be a square, heart, etc.

Then sketch your idea.

Finally number your idea for the corresponding pages. When you number the pages remember to include the background as it's own page.

Step 3: Creating the Pages

First you're going to want to figure out the size of your pages. I just folded the cardstock in half.

Cut the number of pages you need plus one.

Use this extra sheet to create a template for your tunnel (In my case a circle). Cut out the template and keep the outside. This way the shape will always line up the same way.

Trace the shape onto each of your pages except for the last one.

Step 4: Drawing Each Page

After you trace the shapes, draw out the design that you planned out before on each of your pages.

Make sure that when you draw on the actual page use the pencil lightly so you can erase it later.

Step 5: Cutting the Design Out

Caution: Be very careful using the X-Acto knife and get parental supervision if necessary.

Using the X-Acto knife, carefully cut out the shapes you don't want. It might help to visualize it if you draw x's on the parts you don't want.

Cut out each of your pages and erase any leftover pencil on the page.

Step 6: See How It Looks So Far

Assemble your pages in order to admire your handy work so far!

Step 7: Making the Binding Part 1

This part takes a lot of precision an patience.
However, it isn't too bad.

Get a piece of paper that is the height of your pages.

Accordion fold it until you have the same number of valley folds as you do pages for your book. The valley fold is the one closest to my thumb in the picture. They make a V shape an I have 5 for my 5 pages!

Step 8: Making the Binding Part 2

Now you need to measure a little bit from the edge so your pages don't sit right in the fold.

You will need to measure about .5 cm away from each edge.

In the picture below, there is a mini model. The model has 8 sections. For each section that has a page on it, I need to make a line. For the model, section 4, 6, and 8 need a line .5 cm from the left of the section.
Page one is on the reverse side of section one shown in the second picture and that needs a line too.

Step 9: Making the Binding Part 3

Now for the tabs.

The model below shows backwards c shaped tabs on section 4 and 6.
On your spine, make these shapes on all of the pages with lines except the first and last.

Cut these tabs out with the X-Acto knife so they are still attached to the line you drew.
Mine is shown in the second picture.

Step 10: Repeat

Now repeat steps 7-9 to create another identical binding piece.

Step 11: Putting It All Together

At this point you may choose to color or paint your pages. Or a little of both. Or you could just leave it blank.

Lay out your last page and spines like the first picture. On the left a spine with the last page section on the right. In the middle the back page. On the right the other spine with the last page section on the left.

I started by taping mine first and then gluing it so I could take it back down and show you! So all of my pictures have the book with just tape.

In the pictures, the x's mean to put glue there.

Now I will use mostly pictures to explain because it's a little difficult with words.

Pic 1: Layout
Pic 2: Back page left spine put glue on the largest part of the section
Pic 3: Place the page on the glue and line it up with the line you made. Repeat for the other side.
Pic 4: Put a dab of glue on the front of the tabs.
Pic 5: Take the second to last page and line it up with your line. Hold until glue is mostly dry.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the remaining middle pages and their corresponding tabs.

Pic 6: Just like with the back page, put glue on the biggest part of the section.
Pic 7: Put the front page in line with the line you made ad hold until glue dries. Repeat for the other side.

Now you might want to use clothespins or something to hold down the accordion a bit to get it to your desired 3D depth.

Step 12: Title

Finally come up with a creative title and sign it.

Now you're done! I hope my instructable was easy to follow and helped you make your dream tunnel book! (Hey there's an idea...)

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