Introduction: Tupperware Lid Basket

What to do with all those lids! Well, I made this large format basket that will fit the largest lid we have and where that the basket fits within the lazy susan. It is 12in x 3 1/2in x 7in. Extremely functional and keeps the lids organized.

I printed with PLA and standard slicer settings.


3D Printer

PLA plastic

Step 1: Printing the Clips

There are two Clips. One for the outside of the basket and one for the inside. You can add the clips to your slicer and duplicate the outside clip 3 additional times. These do not take long to print.

Step 2: Print the Basket Parts

There are two parts to the basket because my printer's print volume is limited. These will take a long time. You can try to change slicer settings to improve the speed, like infill setting and wall speed. I printed with a brim to reduce warping. I can get the front to print in about 9 hours and the back in about 16hrs. But it is worth it in the end because of its practical use.

Step 3:

Once you have all the pieces, you can assemble the parts. Place the front and back together as you see in the image and connect the clip into the predefined slots. It will be snug and you may hear a click that would ensure that it is connected. Do this for all clips. The one clip for the inside of the basket is shorter so it does not protrude through the slots keeping the base flat.

(Note: There has been an update to the backside basket, I add the hole pattern to the backside as the front side.

Step 4: Completed

And it is ready for use.

Step 5:

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