Introduction: Turn an Old Highlighter Into a USB Stick for >$2

Have you ever gotten bored of the normal standard plain USB stick cases? I have - I decided to turn an old highlighter into a USB stick, it worked well!

All you'll need is a USB stick you don't mind pulling apart and an old highlighter.

This is simple to make, a very quick and easy re-model.

You will also need a knife and some small pliers to remove the ink tube from the highlighter.

Step 1: Pull Apart

Firstly, you have to pull apart the highlighter.

Start by taking the cap off and putting it aside.

Next you'll have to cut the top part off and pull out the ink tube.

When the highlighter is empty you can move on!

Step 2: The Cap.

The USB stick needs a cap to keep out dust and unwanteds.

Grab the highlighter cap you put aside and the original USB cap, I was able to choose a USB stick with a cap that would fit inside the highlighter with minimal trimming.

Grab a bunch of blue-tack or even better, Sugru and stuff the highlighter cap full.

Press in the USB lid and let it set (if you are using Sugru) If you have blue tack you will just have to jam a whole bunch it it.

When the lid is firm it may have a twist in it, you can use the USB to lever the cap into the right orientation.

Next you'll be making the body.

Step 3: Last Step, the Body!

So, you will need to get the empty body of the highlighter and stuff it full of blue tack or Sugru.

Get the USB and mold a blob of either of the compounds onto it and then press it into the body of the highlighter.

Leave it set if it is Sugru.

When you are happy with the position of your USB stick you can go ahead and put the cap on it!

Now, you have a highlighter USB stick ready to go - sit down at a library, shuffle through your pencil case making a mess and pull out the highlighter - With everyone's attention you can whip off the cap and quickly plug it into the computer, to everyone's amazement you have a highlighter that not only fits into a USB slot but is a functional USB too!

Thanks for reading, please share and check out my other 'ibles!

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