Introduction: Turn Bottles Into Usable Rope!

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Turn Bottles that you would otherwise recycle or throw away into usable cord/rope in a few easy steps. This is a great way to recycle bottles and make unique crafts out of the usable cord that make!

Step 1: Collect Materials

You Will Need:

A Wooden Surface(2x4 works great)

Two Screws(Long enough to go through all of the washers and into the wood)

Eight Washers(Holes in the middle must be smaller than top of screw)

A Blade(You can get these ouy of an exact-o knife or letter opener)

Screw Gun(If screw gun is not powerful enough, screw driver works too)

Power drill(To cut holes in the wood so that the wood doesn't split when you put the screw in) The drill bit needs to be slightly smaller than the screw. You can also do this with the screw gun, but the one I use in this demonstration was not powerful enough.

A marker

2 liter soda bottles

Step 2: Measurements

Draw a dot on each side of the 2x4 that is one inch from each side and one inch from the bottom.

Step 3: Power Drill

Use the power drill(or screw gun) and the drill bit to drill a hole through the wood on each of the dots.

Step 4: Set Up Razor and Washers

Place four washers over each of the holes so that you can see through the washers and into the hole. Now place the razor in between each of the top two washers so that the razor makes a sort of bridge between the two stacks. Make sure that you can still see straight down into the hole through the washers.

Step 5: Screw Everything in Place

Now that you have your two stacks, place the screws through the holes in the washers and through the holes in the wood. Use your screw gun to screw in the screws. Make sure that everything is screwed in really tight. If not screwed in tight enough, use a handheld screwdriver to tighten even more.

Step 6: Make Your Cord

Now that you have the cutter complete it is time to make the cord. First you will need to cut of the bottom of your 2 liter bottle. Next cut a little slit at the bottom of the bottle. Thread the slit through the cutter. Now pull on the slit while pushing down on the top of the bottle. Keep pulling and more and more cord will be make. With most 2 liter bottles you will make about 15-30 feet of cord.

Step 7: Be Creative

Now that you have all of this cord, You will need some thing to do with it.

Here are a list of suggestions of what you can do out of the cord:

Weave a basket

Thread them through your shoes and wear them as shoe laces

Make a prom dress

Tie back your hair

Tie it in a knot

Tie it in a bow

Throw it over your shoulder like a continental soldier

Let Your string hand low

Have Fun!!!

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