Introduction: Turn Juice Boxes Into Gift Bags!

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Hello friends!

Christmas is going to be a little different this year, so how about a homemade gift bag that's cheap, eco- and quarantine friendly? Let's upcycle some juice boxes!

Youtube tutorial:


  • juice box (or other Tetrapack containers)
  • scissors
  • markers / paints / colored pencils / crayons / ...
  • ruler and pencil


  • craft knife
  • napkin and school glue (for decoupage)
  • ribbon / thread

Step 1: Find and Prepare a Box

First it's time to collect a juice carton or another carton that normally contains food or drinks - like tofu, tomato sauce etc. Some are silver inside, some brown. Some will turn into a brown gift bag, some into a white one.

Rinse out the box very well and cut off the flaps on the top. Then cut the top part off.

Step 2: Tear Your Box Apart

Starting from the opening that you just cut, find the layer with the print on it and tear it off.

Some tricks:

  • a craft knife is useful for scratching off smaller pieces + cutting
  • you can also make the paper a bit damp (but not too wet) to make tearing easier
  • nail scissors are helpful for some areas

Step 3: Optional: Fold the Bag

The gift bag is easy to store if you fold it!

Fold the sides inwards so that the bag can be folded together. The bottom part can be folded to the backside so that the front can remain smooth without any folds.

It is a bit hard to explain, but if you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to watch the video tutorial :)

Now is the best time to use a ruler and make the bag opening as straight as possible.

Step 4: Customize!

Now to the fun part! You can use all kinds of things to make your bags super personal.

I have tried markers, pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, crayons.. Everything works really well.

You could use stamps and stickers as well - basically, you have complete creative freedom!

Step 5: Optional: Decoupage With Napkins

And if you're crap at drawing, no worries! Try using napkins with nice designs.

Simply tear off the layer with the print and cut out the design you like. Then brush some white or clear school glue on the bag or on the napkin (which is a bit trickier but neater) and place the napkin on the bag. Gently smooth it out and you're done!

Step 6: Ribbon Closure or Handles

    Now there are a few ways to close the bags:

    • Poke two holes and insert a ribbon or string to tie the bag together.
    • Another option is to poke holes and add handles for an open bag.
    • Use a clip.

    Step 7: Flap Closure

    If you want a closure that's a bit more sealed, try creating a flap by cutting the sides and back shorter than the front. Fold the flap to the back, and if you want you can even attach a bead and string so that the bag stays closed. I sawed on a pompom with needle and thread to create the closure.

    I hope this gave you some inspiration and maybe you will create your own gift bags :)

    Have a safe and cozy Christmas time!

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