Introduction: Turn Your NES Controler in to 4 Port USB Hub

I am one  of the few people (among the ones i know) that have a working 8-bit Nintendo. But although the console is still working the controlers are the parts that i've changed many times. I didn't want to sacrifice my Nintendo by doing something to it that's why i went for the old controlers. The shape is very tempting to change its purpose and the hub was the first i came up with. I can say it is nice but it's up to you to like it or not.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The materials i needed were:
- an old nes controler ( priceless :);
- 1.5meter USB extender cable (you can find it for $1 or something) - i bought mine last year and don't remember the price
- 4 port USB hub ($2.5 in ebay) depending on the model - this one is the most simple one

The tools i used are:
- hot glue gun (most used tool)
- screwdriver
- safety cutter
- pincers (i needed them later and they are not on the picture)

Step 2: Disassembling and Preparing the Controler

The first thing i did was to disassemble the controler and the hub to check how much space do i need and do i have it in the controler. The hub's circuit board was surprisingly small which was good for me. But i had to remove some of the plastic that holds the buttons of the controler afrer all. Next i hot glue the buttons on place because nothing was keeping themin place any more.

Step 3: Cutting and Glueing

I decided that hte best place for the hub was in the middle of the controler not only because was looking good from the outside but because i was going to use the middle screw's hole as a center  and a hole to see the hub's led light. Than i marked where the usb outputs were going to be and cut the holes first in the front part of the controler and next in the back part. The holes weren't very straight but after some finishing touches it was good enough.

Step 4:

I put the hub's circut board in place and hot glued it to the controler's front. I thought about something stronger but there isn't that much presure. Than i cut a hole in the side of the controler for the extender cable. At first i planned to put it inside but there wasnt enough space and this way worked as well. I hot glued the hub's jack inside and the extender's female end partly outside (almost like the original cable). Than i put some glue in the back where the led was to fill the hole and as the glue was transperant  you can see the light. As i had to move the side hole where the cable was sticking out i filled the old hole with hot glue as well and i put a piece of plastic from the holes i cut to hide the glue. And there it was simple but effective. challenge

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