Introduction: Makeshift Lamp

Genius phone hack that will blow your mind.

I'll introduce how to create this nice phone lamp to use anywhere!

It's very easy and adds a nice effect to surroundings.

Step 1: You Will Need:

A phone with a flashlight option

A water bottle of your choice with the water

Tip: Remove label wrap off water bottle

Step 2: To Start

you will need to activate your flashlight on your phone

then you will need to turn your phone, screen face down

Step 3: Carefully

and stack the water bottle on top of the light and you instantly have a lamp

The water bends the light and the beams shoot in all directions, giving your surroundings a better exposure.

Works with all types of water bottles.

I use this trick when camping. It brings life into my tent when it's pitch black outside. Using an actual lamp/lantern might be better, but the versatility provided from these materials reserve my lantern to only be used in emergencies only. Hope you guys try out this cool hack! ~~

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