Introduction: Geo Nails (How To)

My fav beauty tip for nails is to use household items to accommodate a nail salon result!

These geo nails are really easy. it takes less time to do geo nails than paint two coats of color.

Step 1: Prep

Gather your materials

You'll need:

~a marker (I used blue because it would bleed through and give a color effect)
~black nail art pen
~scissors (or Xacto knife if you have one)
~white nail polish
~matte or clear top coat
and last but not least, prep those cuticles!

Step 2: Pull Out the Tape and Marker

Okay, so in this beginning step, it will still be all considered one step.

You first pull out individual pieces of tape to cover each of your nails. They have to be long enough to cover your whole nail, or at least the fingernail portion. You then take the marker and to the best of your abilities, draw a zig zag from one side of your nail to the other side like so in the photos.

Step 3: Slice of Your Life

From here, You will need to have some parental help if your under aged. What's important is that you peel the tape from your nails and you use the knife or scissors to cut along the jagged line. What's best is to not cut the line to where the blue is no longer visible, but cut it to where some blue still remains in the tape. After you've cut the zig zag part, save the end of the tape that was on your cuticle area. That piece of tape will act as a barrier and protect the paint from leaking into the portion of the nail we want to keep clean.

Step 4: White White White

Now you take out your white nail polish and brush the varnish away from your cuticle, so only the tips of your nails have paint on them. What's important is that it's okay if you have paint on the tape. The tape acts as a barrier and is okay if paint is on it. After the paint has semi dried, it is best to remove the tape dries completely. This way, the paint won't peel off with the tape when removed.

Step 5: Glam It Up

When you remove the tape, your nails should look similar to the one with the nail art pen. Now, with the nail art pen, you need to outline your spikes. First outline the shape and later add lines to your nail for illusion and texture. Also, I drew on some extra triangles and lines at the corner of my nails as accents.

Step 6: Finito

Now for the finish touch, add a matte top coat or a clear coat to seal in your masterpiece. I tried the matte version, but I prefer the clear coat because the nails stand out more when they're shiny and clear. Hope you enjoy my little tutorial ^_^

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