Introduction: Turn a Spoon Into a Palm Tree Necklace

About: My name is Blake, I make things for a living. I love experimenting with new materials to create sculptures, furniture and everything in between.

In this intstructable, I cover the process of how I turned an ordinary kitchen spoon into a one of a kind palm tree necklace.

Step 1: Find Spoon

Find a good spoon to start with. Think about what size you want your finished pendant to be, and pick an appropriate spoon for the job.

Step 2: Sketch Out Design

Using a permanent marker I sketched out the general shape of a palm tree onto the spoon.

Step 3: Cut Away the Bulk Material and Refine.

Using a rotary tool with a cut off blade I took off material fast. Once I got the general leave shape of the palm tree, I switched to a diamond rotary bit to refine the work further. Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses when doing this!

Step 4: Sanding & Polishing

I went from 220 Grit up to 600 grit and then buffed it out on a polishing wheel. Lots of detailed sanding to get a mirror finish.

Step 5: Bend the Tree Trunk

Most palm trees have a naturally bent trunk. In order to do this easily I put a torch to the trunk and easily bent it to desired look. Be sure to wear good gloves and have appropriate safety equipment for this!

Step 6: Add Chain.

I decided to tack weld a small chain on the backside of the palm tree. DONT WORRY if you cannot weld, you can easily attach a chain a small dab of epoxy.

Step 7: You Are Finished!

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