Introduction: Turn a Book to a Backgammon - Chess Board.

Let's say you have a book full of boring photos and vegetables that nobody will ever care to read. Here is a simple guide on how to turn it into a backgammon inside +a chess board outside.

Step 1: Glue All the Pages Together and Cut

-Divide the book in two halfs. Then glue all the pages together so as you have two solid parts of board. Leave the outcovers out from this step and NOT glue them.

-Draw a square on every page and leave a space of 1,5cm around the edges. 

-Cut it out. Fold the outcovers(here we forgot to do so in the photo)  so you dont damage them. After you finish cutting the inner square you are going going to glue them on the outcovers.  

Step 2: Draw the Backgammon Table

1- use a stensil and a waterproof marker.

2 -the triangles go up to the 3/4 of every half part of the board

Step 3: Final Touches

handwork and artwork by Carm

Step 4: Another One..

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