Boost [ANY] LTE/WiMAX Connection

Introduction: Boost [ANY] LTE/WiMAX Connection

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This increased coverage and connectivity to your ISP.

Unscrew and open your WiMAX modem

Make a small hole in the rear panel for RP-SMA connector

See instructional video here

Products for external antenna project for WiMAX modem:
2.5-2.7GHz 18 dBi WiMAX Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna

U.FL Mini PCI to RP-SMA Pigtail Antenna WiFi Cable

TRENDnet Low Loss Reverse SMA Female to N-Type Male Weatherproof Connector Cable

Step 1: Connect External Antenna

Connect cable to your external antenna

Secure end with waterproof tape

Step 2: Connect to Modem

Connect the other end of the connector to RP-SMA port

Step 3: Find Right Spot

Find the location that gives the best signal

Mount external antenna in that spot

Step 4: Very Simple, Very Easy

Here's a simple YouTube video which shows you the steps

Actual video on how to get it done


Make certain you know what frequencies your service provider is broadcasting on when choosing an antenna.

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    7 years ago

    Was it difficult to get a good signal?


    Reply 7 years ago

    No it wasn't... The most difficult part was actually mounting the antenna. I had to climb a tree with dead branches. Once you have the right devices it's very easy to do.