Introduction: Twin Tower Shelf

This shelf is for storing all sorts of things. There are twin towers and some slots at the bottom. You can hang it or not. WARNING this thing may be over 100 pounds!


26 total feet 8/4 x 12 inch red oak wood cut as follows:

2 x 48 inches

2 x 32.5 inches

6 x 8.5 inches

1 x 20.5 inches

2 x 24 inches

1 x 22.75 inches

wood glue


a lot of wood screws

a large square (its a ruler shaped as an L)

a small square (with level and measuring edge)

a sander + sand paper (180 grit for the beginning and 60 grit for the end)

Step 1: Preparation and Layout

Lay out a mock-up of the shelf on the floor.

Step 2: Assembly

Get the first 48 incher and the 32.5 incher (the base) and align base with right side with the large Square .

Then drill 3 holes to accommodate the wood screws that will connect the pieces.

Apply glue to the end of each piece.

Then screw the pieces together with drill.

Step 3: Assembly (cont.)

Get the other 48 inch vertical piece and align it with a Square on the other side of the 32.5 inch bottom shelf

Apply glue on the ends of the boards and connect them.

Drill three holes as before, and then screw the pieces together with the drill.

Step 4: Assembly (cont.)

Next, you will need the other 32.5 incher.

Align it 24 inches above the other 32.5 inch base shelf.

Drill 3 holes from the sides for the wood screws on each side.

Screw the piece in place.

Step 5: Assembly (cont.)

Get the two 24 inchers and put them each 9.25 inches away from 48 incher on each side of the shelf and on top of the 32.5 incher. Then drill three holes through the 32.5 incher into the bottom of the 24 incher and drill in 3 screws to hold the vertical pieces in place, as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Assembly (cont.)

Next, you need to get the four 12 inchers. Place two of them in between the two columns at the top, then drill three holes from the right and left with the drill, then put in three screws on each side with the drill. For the center tower shelves, drill from the two sides 3 holes and drill in 3 screws for each tower as shown.

Step 7: Assembly (cont.)

Now you will need to connect the vertical partition (20.5 incher) with the horizontal shelf (the 22.75 incher). Drill 3 holes without the other piece under it, then drill 3 screws with the tips only showing and the other piece not under it. Then mark the other board by putting the board under it then drill the holes where the marks are. Then you will need to drill in 3 screws so they are connected.

Step 8: Assembly (cont.)

Then you will need to install the vertical partition with horizonal shelf in the section below the towers using 6 screws drilled in from the bottom and the sides.

Step 9: Final Sanding

You will need 60 grit sand paper and if you have any wood planks that are not in place correctly you could sand it down with the 60 grit sand paper. Then you should get a wet sponge and wipe off all the dust.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Creation!

And there you go. That is it. I hope you like the creation!

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