Introduction: Twisted Rebar Bottle Opener

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If you have a piece of rebar from a previous project or found a piece somewhere on your property, you can use it to create your own bottle opener.

WARNING: Be careful as you are using fire and working with hot metal. Use proper safety equipment, which include gloves, and goggles. Be safe, and make sure a hose or other water source is nearby.

Step 1: Supplies

Heavy hammer, small hammer, rebar, wire brush, tongs.

You do not need a lot of supplies to do this project, at least a hammer. anvil and forge.

Step 2: Squaring

While the rebar is round you will want to round off the section you are going to use for the bottle opener. Heat the metal until it is a glowing yellow and then hammer with flat hits down the piece of rebar for the length you want. Then turn the rebar ninety degrees and hammer. Repeat this step of turning ninety degrees and hammering until the rebar has become square.

Step 3: Cutting

At this point you will want to cut off the piece of squared rebar, as it will be easier to twist into the shape you want. If you cut it off at a small angle you will have already started on the hook, which will be constructed at another step.

Step 4: Twist

Heat the rebar and then stick the middle of it in a vice or other means of holding it and twist. To do a double twist as shown in the picture, twist one direction to the left and then the other side twist to the right. If you want, you can twist the whole bottle opener one direction all the way down, to create a single twist, but it is all about preference.

Step 5: Hook

You will now need to drawn out the metal to create the hook for the bottle cap. Once the point has been drawn out, at the very tip you will want to create a small lip to fit under the bottle cap. To do so imagine the end of a envelop flap, or a rounded point of a triangle. Then gently fold the end under to create the hook.

This is the hardest part a will take some practice to get a good size that will fit the bottle cap and pop it off.

Step 6: Finish

At this point you can put a finish on it if you want but I prefer to let the metal show, so I make sure it is clean, and then oil it. If you want, you can redo the hook on the other end, but make it larger, so that a key ring can fit through it. This project takes about an hour, but the more you make the more proficient you become. Just be safe and use caution as you are working with fire.

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