Introduction: Two Corpses Playing Poker in a Graveyard

Since we couldn't go out trick-or-treating this year, we, corpses, decided to form our own party. So here we are, two corpses emerging from our graves to play poker.


· A large bike cardboard box

· Cardboards to build tombstones

· Black cardboard/paper to make RIP letters or a black marker

· A skeleton

· 4 PVC pipes to make rolling legs

· 4 Threaded Stem Casters to make rolling legs

· Grey spray paint for the tombstone

· Green shredded paper to simulate grass

· Playing cards

· Masking tape, Ruler, Scissors

Step 1: Prepare Skeleton

Unscrew the bottom part of the skeleton, everything beneath the ribs. We just need the top part.

Step 2: Cut Holes in the Bike Box for the Corpses

Cut a hole on each side of the box to simulate 2 corpses sitting up out of their graves, playing cards.

a. Hole for the skeleton: cut a small hole on the surface of the box, insert the skeleton through that hole, then tape the skeleton to the hole.

b. If the skeleton doesn’t sit upright, poke 2 holes and loop a string through the 2 holes and tie it to the skeleton.

c. Hole for the person: Cut a hole through the top and bottom of the box. The person will stand through that hole.

Step 3: Decorate Box With Fake Grass

Place tape on the surface of the box and tape the fake grass over it by looping duct tape so the adhesive was on the outside.

Step 4: Fabricate the Tombstones

Cut some cardboard in the shape of a tombstone, and spray paint it grey. Repeat for the other tombstone.

Cut out the letters R, I, P and glue them to the top of the tombstone, or use a black marker.

Tape the tombstones to the side of the box with the RIP facing the side of the grass

Step 5: Legs and Wheels Assembly

Create 4 wheeled legs but cutting some PVC pipes. The length would match the length of the person’s legs.

I used an Exacto blade to make slit on a small piece of cardboard, and inserted the caster screw through the slit.

Insert each castor screw through a PVC pipe and tape the pipe to the small piece of cardboard.

Make a hole at each corner of the bottom of the box.

Insert each PVC pipe through a hole and fasten it with tape.

Step 6: Game On!

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