Introduction: Two Step Mini Pallets

These mini pallets are low-cost, simple, and easy to make. You can use them for a variety of different purposes, including coasters and flower vase holders.


  • nineteen craft sticks (per pallet)
  • band saw
  • hot glue
  • measuring tape
  • masking tape

Step 1: Trimming the Craft Sticks

Carefully align nineteen craft sticks into a stack, as shown in the picture, and then secure them together, using masking tape. Then trim off the rounded ends of the craft sticks, using a band saw.

Step 2: Assembly

Take nine of the craft sticks, and hot glue them together in stacks of three. Then take on of the pieces you just made, and evenly space five individual craft sticks along one of the thin edges. Then, adhere them in place, using hot glue. (As shown in picture 2) Then take the other two stacked craft sticks, and glue them on the other end, and in the middle. Finally, glue the five remaining craft sticks to the top, to form a mini pallet!

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