Introduction: Two Ways of Making a Drawing App

I know this drawing app only has a 5x5 pixel screen so you really can't make much but it's still fun.


  • computer
  • mini USB cord
  • micro bit

Step 1: The First Way

This is not my favorite way but it is a little faster to draw with.

Step 2: The Inputs

drag out the following:

(on logo down)

(on logo up)

(on tilt left)

(on tilt right)

(on button A)

(on button B)

from INPUT

Step 3: Filling the Inputs

In (on logo down) put:

  • (forward 1 steps)

In (on logo up) put:

  • (back 1 steps)

in (tilt left) put:

  • (turn left)
  • (forward 1 steps)
  • (turn right)

in (tilt right) put:

  • (turn right)
  • (forward 1 steps)
  • (turn left)

in (on button A) put:

  • (pen up)

in (on button B) put:

  • (pen down)

Step 4: Downloading and Using It

To download, just plug the micro bit into your computer and press the download button.

To use, it's pretty simple. Just press A to start drawing, B to stop. Tilt the direction you want to go.

Step 5: The Second Way

I like this way better but drawing is slower.

Step 6: The Inputs

first you have to create a new variable called ( b or f )

drag out the following:

  1. (on button A pressed)
  2. (on button A pressed)
  3. (on button B pressed)

open the drop down on one of the (on button A pressed) and choose A+B

Step 7: Filling the Inputs

In (on button A pressed)

  • (forward 1 steps)

in (on button B pressed)

  • (turn right)
  • (forward 1 steps)
  • (turn left)

in (on button A+B pressed)

  • if <true> then ( ) else ( )

Step 8: Filling the If Then ( ) Else ( ) (part 1)

in the if < > put a ( 0 )=( 0 )

in the ( 0 )=( 0 ) put a ( b or f )=( false )

Step 9: Filling the If Then ( ) Else ( ) (part 2)

in if ( ) put:

  • (pen down)
  • (set b or f to ( 0 )

in the ( 0 ) put a <true>

in the else put:

  • (pen up)
  • (set (b or f) to ( 0 )

in the ( set b or f to < false> )


Step 10: Using It

Press A to go up. Press B to go right. Press A and B at the same time to start drawing and again to stop. If you go all the way to the right or top it will put you on the opposite side.

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