Introduction: UD18 Protocol and Node-red

This low price device (13.88 €) is more than just a digital USB tester .

The main measures that UD18 can carry out (precision 6 digit ! ) are:

  • Tension: 3.6...32 V
  • Current: 0...5.1 A
  • Power: 0...163.99 W
  • Equivalent resistance: 0...999.99 Ω

Furthermore: time (h:m:s), capacity (mAh), charge (Wh), USB-D+ (V), USB-D- (V)

UD18 as also the optional capability to cut off the charge (FCOP) when some trigger conditions are meets.

UD18 can communicate via Bluetooth and two applications can be downloaded, one for PC and another App for smartphone (Android and iPhone).

Interesting? So use it in your node-red projects!

How? Read more here:


Step 1: Node-red Custom Applications

Why node-red ?

Node-red is available on many platforms (Windows, Linux, Raspberry, etc) and has an impressive collection of modules for IOT, also communication with databases and for creating UI: perfect for quick experimental realizations or for extensive IOT integrations.

To use the UD18 in node-red custom integrate projects we need:

  1. the communication protocol used by the device (see UD18_protocool.txt)
  2. node-red nodes to code+send commands and receive+decode data (see UD18flow.json).

For the full story see UD18_01_en.pdf (in italiano: UD18_01_it.pdf) here: