Introduction: UFO Bowl From Scrap Wood Found in a Skip! by AMC77

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A friend scored me some wood he found in a skip, I set about making it into something more than just firewood!

Step 1: Marking the Diameter

I measure the maximum usable diameter and score a circle onto the blank.

Step 2: Highlighting My Mark

My score lines not very clear so I just freehand a pencil line on my mark.

Step 3: Relief Cuts

I cut up to my line across the flats making relief cuts, it's safer and less strain on the bandsaw.

Step 4: Cutting Out

I follow my score/pencil line, keeping my fingers well away from the sharp bits!

Step 5: 1 Bowl Blank

The blanks now ready for the lathe.

Step 6: Time for Some Turning.

With the blank mounted between centers on the lathe I start by truing up the side and base.

Step 7: Marking the Mortise

Now the base is flat I score a line the width of my chuck jaws using calipers.

Step 8: Cutting the Mortise

I cut in upto my score mark then dovetail the mortise to match up to my chuck jaws.

Step 9: Shaping

Now I shape the base of my bowl and get it as smooth as I can.

Step 10: Turning Around

Now I mount the bowl onto the chuck, remove the tailstock and start shaping the top.

Step 11: Midway Maintenance

My gouge isn't cutting as clean, time for some sharpening.

Step 12: Fresh Edge on My Chisel!

That's better, the shavings are flying now!
While I'm on a roll, I start hollowing out.

Step 13: Depth Check

I use a precisely cut piece of wood placed on the lathe bed against the headstock which measures the distance from the headstock to chuck jaws. Then using a square and rule I can work out the depth of my bowls and see how things are going.

Step 14: Level Off

Here I use the toolrest to guide my finger as I flatten out the inside of the bowl

Step 15: Sanding and Detail

I work my way through the grits and add a burn line in the rim using a scrap sliver of wood.

Step 16: Clean Up the Mortise

I need to reverse the bowl, I use a hockey puck in the chuck to protect the inside of my bowl and bring the tailstock up to turn the mortise away.

Step 17: Finishing Off

I chisel the remaining nub off the middle of the base, stamp my mark on and apply a coat of bees wax.

Step 18: The Completed Bowl and Video

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