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Introduction: UFO Invasion at Area 51 Halloween Display

About: My name is Jerry Jodloski and I'm the Event Director for How-To Halloween, an annual event in Lansing Michigan that celebrates everything d-i-y Halloween.

The goal for this year's display was to turn my home into a landing field for flying saucers at Area 51 which the becomes invaded by aliens.  In the early planning stages, I couldn't decide if I wanted the UFO to be flying or to look like it had just landed, so I built both. The full-scale, main ship was nine feet tall and thirteen feet wide. It had three aliens (six inches tall) emerging down a ramp. The second craft was 2/3 scale and was hung twenty five feet off the ground with a rope and pulley system.

The saucers were made out of used patio umbrellas for the body, kiddie umbrellas for the dome, scrap metal/wood, pvc pipe, old garbage can lids, pie plates, empty two-liter pop bottles and lots and lots of metallic spray paint.

I dressed the scene with strobes, a fog machine, black light, gobo projector and pin spots from work along with LED Christmas lights and sound activated lasers (just glorified laser pointers). Of course, there was a half hour loop of sound effects and theme music that tied it all together. We also passed out customized business cards with all of the candy, so everything was a promotional tax write off.

It takes the whole year to develop the concept and collect the supplies (mostly on eBay or from junk in the basement). Of course, the challenge is to make it cool while spending as little money as possible. I also like to keep it family friendly (no blood or gore), but still give it an edge. It took about two weeks to construct in my spare time, and then six hours to assemble on Halloween day. Over two hundred trick-or-treaters showed up along with hundreds more parents, family and friends. With the support of my neighbor who set up his own Mutex Lab display a couple houses down, the whole block had an awesome party atmosphere.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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    2 months ago

    For next year's Halloween I'm going to do an Area 51 scene but nothing as elaborate as this. I know a projector was used to display the 'Area 51' on the house but how?


    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi - We LOVE this!! Does the PDF, which is part of the premium package, contain the step by step instructions? Because if so, I'll upgrade. We are so going to do this for our haunt next year!! Thanks so much for posting!!


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration. Although i didn't do exactly what you did here...i did like the umbrella and 2 litter approach . So I incorporated it into my plan and it worked very well . Thanks, Scaaron.

    Hello I know this was a while ago, but do you recall how you made the baby saucer? Was that out of umbrellas too? I have an opportunity to purchase a 6' size saucer for $90 and that seems reasonable with how much it would cost to construct one, could you also comment on that...what your overall cost just to build the lager size one was? Thanks and you really did do a great job.



    12 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, now thats the best Flying saucer Halloween setup I have ever seen. Im building one for this Halloween. Yours is great!!