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I call this an up-cycled dual purpose critter because it saves trees and recycles cardboard.   It is used for a table decoration AND a dinner napkin!  Several years ago my daughter and I started a family tradition.  We randomly decorate our dinner table just for the fun of it.  We use flowers, twigs, pine-cones, and what ever we can find in our yard and home  to decorate the table.  We also fold very pretty table napkins, most of which I make myself. Our little activity has brought interesting conversations to our table and it also has brought our family close together.  The kids love to participate in this craft.  Here is a bunny napkin with yarn embellishments and card board from toilet paper,  used for a stand.  

1 Square napkin ( for each dinner guest) thinner napkins are easier with this napkin fold. 
Black yarn for eyes approx 16 inches long (per dinner guest)
Pink yarn for nose approx 16 inches long (per dinner guest)
White yarn for whiskers approx 36 inches long (per dinner guest)
1 White yarn for pom pom tail (enough for a pom pom for each dinner guest )
1 card board from empty toilet paper (for each family member or guest)
Large eyed needle

You do not have to embellish your bunny, it is cute just plain.  ChrysN suggested a chocolate egg in his body center instead of cardboard!  How kewl would that be?


Now Let's begin folding the little critter.  Fold in quarters.  The first two folds are folded away from you.  The last fold is folded towards you.  Refer to picture.  If you are having trouble following the fold I made a video on how to fold it. 

Step 2: STEP 3

Fold another fold just like the first, overlapping first fold.

Step 3: Final Fold for Rectangle

The last fold is folded towards you.

Step 4: Folding Step 5

Find center of your rectangle and fold the right side down like this.

Step 5: Folding Step 6

Repeat left side folding like this.

Step 6: Folding Step 7

Fold the two corners closest to you up to form a square. Now take the right triangle corner and pull it to the center like a ice cream cone.

Step 7: Folding Step 8

 Now take the right triangle corner and pull it to the center like a ice cream cone.

Step 8: Folding Step 9

Fold left triangle so it looks like this.

Step 9: Folding Step 10

Here should be 2 bunny ears.
Flip over

Step 10: Folding Step 11

It should look like this.  Fold the top triangle down like this.  Then Flip over again.

Step 11: Folding Step 12

Take the right triangle corner and stuff it as best you can into the left triangle like this. Be sure to poke the end into the triangle pocket smooth and tight.

This is what you have now.

Step 12: Title This Should Be the Side for His Face.

Step 13: Step 14

Now thread your large eyed needle with the white yarn but do not knot it. Stick the needle through the napkin layers like this and leave enough for his whiskers: better too long than too short, cut yarn. Trim the length you want. 

Step 14: Step 15

It should look like this. 

Step 15: Making the Nose

Next thread your needle with your pink yarn and don't knot it.  Place your needle close to where the whiskers are and pull through making the yarn go through to the other side  BUT STOP soon enough to leave some thread in the center to tuck in. Overlap the top (this is the nose) and place your needle on the top side (over the other side) and pull the yarn through the center.  Allow a little extra thread and cut it off.  Then tuck the excess in the center where it won't show. See other picture. 

Step 16: Adding Eyes

Next thread your needle with black yarn and tie a loose knot.  Stick the needle where you want the eye to be and pull through carefully the center part of the face and leave a little thread and cut it off.  Then tuck the black thread in the center where it won't show.  Do not secure it.  Now stick the needle through on the other side and pull through the center repeating the step.  The reason you want something that is easy to remove is so your guest can use the napkin. If you want to use the entire napkin for decoration and not be able to use the napkin you can do that also.

Step 17: TAIL

Using the white yarn make a pom pom for the tail.  When you make the tie for the pom pom leave the strings that you tie the pom pom together with long so you have plenty to tie it to the napkin.  Thread your needle with one of the yarn strands from the pom pom and pull through the napkin like this.  It should look like this.  Then tie only once because you do not want this tight because your dinner guest will need to remove it when they begin to use the napkin.  Cut extra thread leaving a little to tuck in the fold so you can't see it.

Step 18: Insert Cardboard Stand

Cut your toilet paper cardboard to about 2 and 3/8in.  Stick it up through the bottom opening.  Now shape the bunny ears, body, and whiskers.

Step 19: FINISHED!

That was fun wasn't it!  I hope you enjoyed this instructable.  If you have any questions please send me a note.  It looks cute to have the bunnies butt toward the dinner guest.  It looks nice facing the dinner guest as well.  I had so much fun making this little guy and hope you do too!  When the guest are ready to eat they tear it apart and use for a napkin.

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