USB 3DS Charger




Introduction: USB 3DS Charger

First off sorry for the bad quality photos my camera wasn't great but anyway have you wanted to charge your 3ds (or any device that works with the charger) with a computer. Just make sure you have an extra outlet one and get started

Step 1: Materials

Just have a 3ds charger and a usb charger for 5 volts (most phone chargers are)

Step 2: Open the Cables

I couldn't get good photos for this one but all you need to do is open the cords so you can see the wires. The 3ds on keep the copper on the outside and the one wire with plastic exposed

Step 3: Attatch

put the red wire from the usb charger to the wire (with plastic) on the 3ds one. twisting together is enough. Then put the black wire to the wire outside of the plastic one. twist those together too.

Step 4: Add Tape

put some electrical tape on after testing if it charges if not try to rewire it. you can solder it if you want but I didn't

Happy Charging :):D

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5 years ago

just curious , how many wires are there in 3DS charger?
I got a 110v 3DS charger and i am living in a country which uses 230v.
So I am gonna modify the cable once it gets here using this guide.


Reply 5 years ago

Because I just cut the Chargers wire there are two one with plastic one just stranded there


6 years ago

on side note if you get a 5v solar panel find out the positive and negative then follow the attach step you can make a completely solar one