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Introduction: USB Clear Case (simple

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soooo, I bought a 8 gig kingston flashdrive, and in less than a month the plastic piece that attaches to your keys broke. :( So I was bored and decide to make a new one. 
This isnt a DIY, just because I dont have the time. but I thought I'd at least show what I've done.
(This is my first intractable I've posted, so forgive me)

 Materials used/needed:
USB flash drive (I used an 8 gig, but use watever
Small amounts of Plexi glass
Hot glue
razor blade
Solder iron (I used this to clear up and smooth out the hot glue)
wire (or anything you wanna use to attach a key chain or something to it)

So what I did is I ripped apart the plastic original casing, carefully. Then cut plexi down to size. Then pieced it together around the circuit board of the flash drive with hot glue. did a little clean-up with a razor blade and a soldering iron, to make it nicer looking. and Tada!
OH! I also added some (green) plastic covered wire for the keychain attachment :)
(Sorry for the camera phone pic)
Thanks for looking!

ok, so the notes on the pictures are taking to long, so anywho, the reason I have the foggy place where the light is, is I melted the plexi with the soldering iron down to the led so that the light refracts better. before I did that, the tiny led was barely noticeable.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    made a clear USB flash drive casing by shoving the USB plug into some clay and then setting a small peice of PVC pipe over the flash drive and simply poured it full of clear casting resin once it cured I pushed it out of the pipe and used a saw to cut the back end flat with a miter saw.

    Picture 004.jpg

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    nice! thats sweet. im not so good with reisen though lol so I opted for plexi and hot glue lol