USB Lights for Keyboard




Introduction: USB Lights for Keyboard

This is a simple method of making a usb powered led lights to illuminate the laptop or PC keyboard while working in the dark.

Step 1: USB Male Pin

you can get a male USB pin from an old usb cable or dead pendrives. you can even buy a new usb male pin for very cheap price at electronic store.

Step 2: Attach Wires

solder two wires each of 15-20 cms in length to the first and the fourth pin. The first pin is 5v and the fourth pin is ground. we can use different coloured wires for each polarity, i used same coloured wire as only that was available with me.

Step 3: Cover It With Tape

use insulation tape of paper tape to cover the solder and protect the joints. This also provides a support to hold the usb pin

Step 4: Twist the Wires

Twist the two wires to avoid loose wires hanging

Step 5: Identify Polarity

If you used same coloured wire like me then use a multimeter to identify the positive and ground wires at the open end.

Step 6: Leds

connect two white leds in parallel keeping in note their positive and negative terminals. Connect a 47ohm resistor in series to protect the leds. Connect this setup to the two open ends of USB cable. Connect USB to laptop or PC and check if leds light.

Step 7: Support

use a 18 gauge copper wire as a support to the two wires and cover it with tape. this will ensure a firm support to the lights. Cover the whole setup with the tape to have a clean look.

Step 8: Completed :D


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    THX! Very Useful.
    Connect a 47ohm resistor in series to protect the leds.

    Should the resistor be connected to the positive wire?

    And between the LEDS (in parallel) and the wire (coming from the power source)?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I can add putting some wrapped aluminum foil covered with duct tape around the LEDs to prevent them shining in your eyes at night, and to focus the light on the keyboard.

    khader sk
    khader sk

    Reply 7 years ago

    thank you :)