Introduction: USB Memory Stick Highlighter

Memory stick in the shell of a highlighter. I'm afriad i've already made it but i can still guide you through it ;)

Step 1: What Ya Gonna Need

You will need,

- highlighter
- USB flash drive
- Super glue (araldite is the best for this)


- Hacksaw
- Needle nose pliers
- Match for stirring and applying glue
- Knife

Step 2: Cuting the Ink Out

first, remove the lid and saw between the black top and the main body. This will take a while!

Step 3: Mess ;)

Using the pliers pull out the nib and the ink cotton then saw off a sutable size hole for the USB head on the black bit of the highlighter. Wash it all under the tap if its messy!

Step 4: Flash Drive

now you need to remove the flash drive from its body using a knife and make sure it fits.

Step 5: Glue.

Now mix up a lot of glue and...

a) glue the hold button "off" on your flash drive (if it has one)
b) glue the flash drive to the black lid (through the hole!)
c) glue the lid on

Step 6: Finishing Up!

Mine flahes coz it has a LED on it but they vary.


I do not acept any responsibillity for any accidents caused during the making of your instructable or any damage to your tolls/property. Youdo this at your own risk!

And for cryin out loud dont use an expensive one just in case you muck it up!