Ufo Model and Alien Model Finished

Introduction: Ufo Model and Alien Model Finished

this idea is cool but I am planing to make more cool things

Step 1: Step 1 Open the Vegetable Tray and Place a Half Easter Egg

it is important to break a foam Easter egg and then place the broken part into the vegetable tray then close the vegetable tray

Step 2: Step 2 Get 2 Pegs Then Glue the Pegs Together and Then Glue Googly Eyes As Shown But If You Want Get Creative and Don't Do Exactly the Same One I Did

warning don't use elmers glue use hot glue and don't burn yourself

Step 3: Step 3 Use a Fake Chair Looking Object Then Glue the Alien on the Chair

hope you had fun this was my first instuctables project but I will make more projects

Step 4: Your Done

Step 5:

I don't know how to delete steps this step is actually not included

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great looking UFO! I've always loved aliens and all things about them!