Ultimate Opensource Computerized Slidee Rail Contruction (part 1)




Introduction: Ultimate Opensource Computerized Slidee Rail Contruction (part 1)

This is the complete tutorial for construction of the Slidee rail with stepper motor drive. The construction photos, Slidee controller circuit and software can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/slidee and you are invited to add and enhance this opensource project.

The bill of material for the slidee rail
1) 2 pieces of 1x1 1/8 inch aluminum U channel for slidee rail (length is as per your requirements)
2) 2'  long 1/8 thickness 2 inch wide aluminum flat
3) 1' long 1/16 thickness 0.5" wide aluminum flat.
3) Box of #5  32 pitch nuts and bolts
4) One 3" long 5mm dia. miniature stainless steel shaft
5) One miniature pillow-bock mounted bearing for 5mm shaft dia.
6) Two 1/4" wide MXL timing belt pulley with 0.6"/16mm dia. for 5mm shaft
7) 1/4" wide MXL timing belt of running length = 2 x length of your slidee. ( for example if your Slidee is 6' long, then buy 12' long 1/4" MXL timing belt)
8) A turnbuckle
9) A bipolar 12 volt Stepper motor

Equipment needed
1) A hacksaw or a low speed Miter/Chop saw with metal cutting blade
2) Screwdriver
3) Hand drill or Power drill
4) Drill bits
5) Optional- Riveting tool
6) Felt tip pen/Pencil
7) Hammer
8) Countersink or deburring tool

Music sound tracks are by incompetech.com

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    Hello, i have a question, where can i find the bearing you are talking about and the pillow block, i can't find so small dimension, could you help me please with some website where to find them. Thanks, and by the way you have done a great job.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Check vxb.com and mcmaster.com for bearing and pillow blocks