Introduction: Using Atomos Ninja 2 With Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Mitra 3D Mic Pro

Why I do use Atomos Ninja-2 with Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera? l have explained it all in this video. Enjoy some Atomos Ninja-2 recording footage from Santa Cruz with Mitra 3D Mic surround sound. Make sure you listen with your headphone to enjoy the psychoacoustic surround sound,

Update: I have used a Ninja-2 and Atomos SDI to HDMI converter. I have confirmed from Atomos that Instead of that, I could have used Atomos Samurai, which has an inbuilt SDI input, so I would not need the converter. The cost will be the same: Ninja-2 @ $695 + Connect S2H @$295 = Samurai @$995.

Background music during camera setup is provided by