Introduction: Ultimate Bathroom Prank

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These are original pranks that I have brought here to see your roommate, friend, parent, spouse, or siblings get VERY mad at you. Have fun!

Step 1: Okay So First…

They'll wake up and go to the bathroom. Keep in mind you will need to be up before, or the same time as them. And these pranks need to be prepared the night before (or before they wake up if they go to the bathroom at nighttime)

Step 2: Preparation

Okay so the first part is they'll walk in and go to the bathroom and realize this… make it out of cardboard and just cut a hole. This part is optional.

Step 3: Then

You need to make this faux tp roll super easy and self explanatory. Then put it on the holder... Thing by the toilet.

Step 4: Hilarious!

This is also optional but it's funny. After they realize the tp is gone (If you have spare rolls in the bathroom, move them) then take a plastic or styrofoam cup and stab a hole with a pencil. Then put a heavy thing on top and write a note

Step 5: Haha. What?

After they realize that, they'll see (probably sooner but who cares) just make a faux poop! Extremely funny and will gross them out

Step 6: A Bit Later

A bit later they might try to brush their teeth (it's morning time) and put 2-3 drops of food coloring in the tooth brush. I prefer red because it'll look like their gums are bleeding. Lolz

Step 7: See Who Will Fall for It

Put this on the mirror (and if your pranking your sibling, you could get your mom or dad to write it so it's more believable:)

Step 8: And When

They're having a 'good time' duct tape this to the outside of the door, and when you shout, " WERE LATE!" They'll run out and scare the crap out of themselves!

Step 9: And Finally the Best!!!

Set every clock in the house coward two hours and yell "were late!!!!!! WAKE UP!" (Of course if they have a phone, that would need to be set forward too)

Step 10: Thanks for Reading

Thanks everyone for reading my first instructable in a while! Thanks for being so devoted!!! Don't forget to vote! See ya