Introduction: Ultimate Breakfast Sausage

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These sweet, sweet, delicious breakfast links are made from bacon, eggs, cheese, other sausages, hash browns, buttered toast & syrup! It's an entire Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast stuffed into one beautiful meat tube, bursting with flavor, fat, and that unmistakable taste of breakfast.

Also included in this Instructable is the recipe for Bacon Sausage, which was originally what I had intended to make, but got sidetracked with the Ultimate Breakfast Sausage. Why is it then that the title of this Instructable isn't Bacon Sausage? Perhaps because bacon sausage, and I can't believe I'm actually saying this, is too much of a good thing. Which is to say, that it's got so much fat in it, that it's barely a sausage at all, and that it poses some serious cooking and ingesting problems which preclude it from being an internet famous project.

Many thanks to Eric and Christy for the gracious use of their sausage making materials and expert sausage making help.

Step 1: Ingredients

Ultimate Breakfast Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Toast w/butter
  • Syrup
  • Sausage
  • Sausage casings

Bacon Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Sausage casings

Step 2: Cut and Grind Meat

Because I was buying so much bacon, the butcher at the supermarket was able to give me a whole slab of the stuff, as opposed to the sliced strips. Just getting that much pure, uncut bacon was like being taken on board the meat mother ship, but enough bacon porn, on with the job at hand.

I removed the skin from the slab, chopped the meat into 1 inch cubes and fed it into the grinder. The Kitchen Aid meat grinding attachment made quick work of it, and in no small part due to the amount of fat that was present in the mix.

Eric had found that sausages packed best on his Kitchen Aid mixer when the ingredients were cold, so we placed the ground meat in the freezer for half an hour while we prepped the other ingredients.

Step 3: Cook Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast and Ready Sausage Casings

While the meat was chilling, we prepped the other fun ingredients.

Fry up some eggs, chop the cheese into 1 inch cubes, toast some bread and cook the hash browns.

The sausage casings also need to be soaked for a bit before they can be used. Grab some sausage casings and soak them in cold water.

See the definitive homemade sausage Instructable here for complete instructions on all things sausage prep and making.

Step 4: Incorporate Other Fun Things

Using a combination of the meat grinding attachment, and simply working the fun ingredients into the meat with a spoon in a bowl, incorporate the toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, cheese and syrup together.

Canida really wanted to include instant coffee crystals in the sausage for a more complete breakfast experience, but since it was a breakfast beverage and not solid food, I decided that it should be kept out...that didn't stop us from taking funny photos of course.


If we had added the coffee grounds into the mix, would the fat from the ground meat be enough of a source of moisture to dissolve the instant crystals? And, if they did, would we have some kind of new coffee brewed with liquid fat and grease instead of water? Intriguing...

Step 5: Pack Sausage

With the all the ingredients mixed together, it's time to begin making sausages. Remove the casings from their water bath, load them onto the extruder on the meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer and fire the thing up!

Please see complete sausage making instructions here.

Step 6: Form Links

The sausage attachment will extrude one continuous giant sausage - it's up to you to twist the links into position after you've got your meat tube. We made twists every 6 inches or so along the length of the sausage.

Step 7: Cook

Place a few links into the pan. The pink ones are bacon only sausages, the yellow colored ones are the Ultimate Breakfast Sausages with all of the toast, eggs, cheese, syrup and hash browns. No need to grease the pan - these babies come with plenty of their own cooking lubrication on account of their abnormally high fat content.

Step 8: Share

Share the Ultimate Breakfast Sausages with friends. They'll be skeptical at first, and question your methods, saying things like:

"Is this a good idea?"


Why does it look so funny?"

But, as history has shown us before, all genius is misunderstood at first.

Once they have their first bite, they'll be sold, and will want to eat Ultimate Breakfast Sausages every day of their lives.

And seriously, McDonald's, Burger King - I'll be waiting for my check in the mail.