Introduction: Ultimate Clamp Rack

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make the Ultimate Clamp Rack. This thing will hold up to 36 parallel clamps or can be configured to hold even more bar, pipe or quick clamps.

If you want to see a little more detail on the build you can head over to my How to Build a Clamp Rack post on my site.

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Step 1: Get Your Materials and Tools

Here is what you'll need for the build. The links below are affiliate links and help support my channel at no extra cost to you and let me build more projects.

Tools Used


Step 2: Make the Top and Bottom Pieces

This whole project can be made from a half sheet of plywood. First I cut two long strips off the sheet for the top and the back. Then I used my crosscut sled to cut the parts to length. The offcuts from this piece will be used for clamp supports later.

Step 3: Make the Side Pieces

For the sides, I laid out an angle across a 21" x 13-1/4" piece of plywood to establish one of the parts then I used a t-bevel to setup the same angle between my miter gauge and the blade. I clamped a stop block on my miter gauge and made the first cut on the layout line.

Then I registered the longer off cut against the stop block and cut the second side to size. If you have limited infeed or a smaller table saw I'd recommend you make this cut with a jigsaw or bandsaw.

Step 4: Add Supports to the Side Then Assemble the Sides and Back

I attached a cleat to each side and cut and attached a clamp support to each one. The right side gets a 4-1/2" support and the left side gets a 1-1/4" support

Then I drilled pocket holes in the back and attach it to the sides with 1-1/4" pocket holes. The back should be shimmed of the work surface with a plywood scrap to leave room for the top later.

Step 5: Cut the Parts for the Inner Supports

I ripped 5 full width pieces at 5-1/2" for the inner supports and rounded the front edges. I made support triangles from 3 8" wide by 11" long plywood pieces. I laid out the size triangle I wanted on the top piece and then taped all 3 pieces together and cut them on the bandsaw.

I was left with one stack of 3 8” by 10” triangle brackets and a stack with 3 oversized ones. Using one of the good brackets as reference, I set a stop block on my cross cut sled and cut the other 3 to size. I’m actually only going to use 5 of these, but I went ahead and cut the 6th one as an extra.

Step 6: Assemble the Inner Supports

To assemble the inner supports I put glue on the long edge of a triangle bracket then centered it on the horizontal support. I used a combination square to center bracket and a right angle on the other side of the bracket to make sure it was standing up straight. I tacked the pieces in place with a nailer then secured them by predrilling and screwing the horizontal support down in the locations I marked earlier. I repeated this 4 more times and had all my inner supports ready.

Step 7: Attach the Inner Supports and the Top

To attach the supports I put glue on the back of each one then them with pocket screws to the back. These parallel clamp are pretty heavy so I put 3 screws in from the back into each triangular bracket as well.

Lastly I attached the top to the clamp rack with pocket screws.

Step 8: Mount the Rack and Fill It With Clamps

Mount the rack to your wall making sure to put it into the wooden studs, metal studs or into a concrete wall with proper anchors. The clamps and rack will be very heavy so it should be securely attached.

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You can get detailed plans for this build here:

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