Introduction: Ultimate Kettle Corn

Make this unbelievably crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly salty snack. And all with only two tablespoons of oil!

Betcha can't eat just one (bowl)!

Step 1: You Will Need:

Heavy kitchen pot

2 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 cup white popcorn kernels

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

(Remember "two, and a half, and one, and a half")

Step 2: Prepare the Popcorn, Sugar, and Salt

Yes! Put it all in the 1/2 cup container. It will fit.

Step 3: Add Coconut Oil and Three Popcorn Kernels

Depending on the ambient temperature, the coconut oil may either be solid or liquid. If solid, heat it up just enough in the pot to melt it.

Step 4: Cover and Set to Medium-high Heat

Leave a little bit of the cover open to vent.

Step 5: Once the Kernels Are Popped, the Oil Is Hot Enough.

They should all pop within a few seconds of each other. Have your vent on, as at this time the oil may smoke a bit. If it's a lot, turn down the heat slightly.

Step 6: Add Popcorn, Sugar, and Salt. Cover and SHAKE!

Shake immediately once the ingredients are in. You want to keep the kernels and sugar in motion so that the sugar does not burn on the bottom of the pan (which is very difficult to remove).

Step 7: Continue Shaking and Vent.

Nothing much will happen for about a minute, but the popcorn is quickly coming up to temperature.

Once you get an inch or so of popped corn, vent the top to let out steam, and continue shaking. The popped corn helps keep the remaining kernels in the pot but be careful! Occasional drops of hot oil may escape. Protective eyewear is recommended.

Step 8: When Popping Slows or Stops, Remove From Heat and Pour.

If done correctly, there will be very few if any residual unpopped kernels.

Step 9: WAIT, Then EAT!

As much as you will be tempted to, don't start eating it right away! That sugar may still be nuclear hot!

Wait a minute or two for all steam to evaporate and the sugar to crystallize. The popcorn will be then be unbelievably crunchy, slightly sweet, and slightly salty. And all with only two tablespoons of oil!

Store in a sealed container, or eat it all immediately.

Step 10: Optional

I actually use a heavy steel (not aluminum) Back to Basics whirly popper. It's a bit more expensive but worth it. You are also much less likely to burn the sugar with this device (except the first time).

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