Introduction: Ultimate Sandwich Slaw!

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This is by far the BEST coleslaw to make if you want to jazz up your sandwich. It takes "meh" sandwiches and makes them "WOW!" Just imagine what it can do to an already good sandwich!


1 Pound of cabbage (green)

I like to get a bag of Angel Hair cabbage. The finer the shred, the more surface area, which means the better the sauce will soak into each strand. I like the angel hair because it is easier (no raw fingers from shredding) and it's length lets it stay together better on the bun, less spillage!

1 tsp salt

1/4 cup sugar (plain white)

2 table spoons mayo (The creamier the better- DO NOT use miracle whip, weirdo)

3 caps apple cider vinegar

Black pepper (to taste)

Mixing bowl (medium-large)



Plastic wrap

Step 1: Get Ready

Start out by getting all of your materials prepped. I usually just pour my salt on top of my sugar.

Step 2: The "Donut"

Pour your cabbage into the bowl and use the spoon to hollow out the center, forming a donut. This serves as a housing for the other ingredients to sit and react.

Step 3: Mayo Volcano

Spoon your mayo into the bottom of the donut and create a bowl. It's better to have thicker walls, so if needed you can thin out the bottom. Try and keep it solid, holes will let the vinegar leak out and not react with the sugar.

Step 4: Make It Sweet

Carefully pour the sugar/salt into the bowl. I like to let it mound a little.

Step 5: Now the SCIENCE

Carefully pour three caps of the vinegar onto the sugar. Try and pour it directly into the center of your mound.

Step 6: Good Things Take Time...

This is the most important step....WALK AWAY! Let the vinegar sit and react with the sugar/salt/mayo for ten minutes. This is where all the flavor is made!

Step 7: Mix and Season

Did you wait the entire ten minutes? Good! Now carefully mix your ingredients. You will need to use a vertical circular motion, kind of like kneading dough. Do this until you have no clumps of mayo left, then season the slaw with pepper. After you season it, mix it again!

Step 8: Wrap It Tight!

Take the plastic wrap and create an airtight seal around the bowl. I prefer a glass mixing bowl, as it clings better. It just tastes better coming from a glass bowl too, instead of a plastic one.

Step 9: Chill Yo

Now that it's wrapped, put it in the fridge and let it chill for an hour or so. Then you're done! A final mix and now you have a slaw that goes great with BBQ, cubanos, ham & cheese, pretty much any sandwich! Enjoy!

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