Ultimate Shots Pong

Introduction: Ultimate Shots Pong

Say goodbye to your ordinary beer pong, cause Ultimate Shots pong is here!

From top to bottom (2nd picture), each row is filled with:
- Beer
- Vodka with grape juice
- Cheap nasty red wine
- Irish Cream  with milk
- Vodka with sports drink? (I honestly don't remember what this was)
- Vodka with Melon liquor
- Gin Tonic
- Screw Driver (vodka with orange juice)
- Malibu shot

We played this 9 x 7 pong like space invaders: stood behind a line far away, shoot for a cup, if you make it the next person drinks it, and so on. Got more flavors than a beer pong, yet achieves the same result, ahha, better actually.
Please only try this responsibly, and have fun!

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