Introduction: Ultimate Step by Step Sprouting Guide

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This is the ultimate step by step guide to sprouting, seeds, legumes, grains and nuts all year round. Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses and are delicious, fresh and very versatile. Sprouting is so super easy, requires minimal equipment and they will add a great crunch and new dimension to all of your dishes. You can then use your sprouts on everything from, salads and toast to tacos and sandwiches. The possibilities are endless once you start sprouting. Read on to discover the simple step by step guide to growing sprouts at home as well as a “sprouting chart”, detailing a large list of seeds, legumes, grains and nuts you can sprout as well as soaking and growing times for each.

Step 1:


In a glass sprouting jar or a mason jar (with cheesecloth and an elastic on the top). Place your seeds, grains, nuts or legumes in your jar and cover completely with water. The exact measurement of water is not essential here as this is just for soaking purposes.
Let the nuts, seeds, grains or legumes soak for the allocated time (refer to the sprouting guide in this link ). These times vary amongst the different types of nuts, seeds, grains or legumes used.

Step 2:


After you have reached the necessary soaking time, its time to thoroughly rinse them. Rinse under running water until the water is running clear. Make sure you fill your jar with clean, fresh water. Then tip it up at a 45 degree angle or lean your jar against something and let the water filter out. The reason I use a sprouting jar is that they are simple and fast to use as they come with a mesh lid and a stand to tilt it up to drain.

Step 3:


Now once again refer to my sprouting guide (follow the link below) as to approximately how long it will take before you have edible sprouts. Now all that is needed is to rinse and drain your seeds, nuts, grains or legumes twice a day until they have sprouted!

Step 4:


You will know when your sprouts are ready as they will develop a small tail or they have sprouted into green little sprouts! Again this is in the sprouting guide in the link below it will tell you what you need to look out for depending on what you are sprouting.

Step 5:


I keep my new sprouts in glass jars in the fridge. They will generally keep for 3 – 4 days. Use them on all salads, toast, in tacos or on their own as a snack. The possibilities are endless with these little vitamin packed wonders!!!!!

Step 6: