Ultimate Taco Lasagna Delicious Yet Bit Healthy :) Perfect Ratio of Dip and Tortilla Chips for Ever Bite!

Introduction: Ultimate Taco Lasagna Delicious Yet Bit Healthy :) Perfect Ratio of Dip and Tortilla Chips for Ever Bite!

Ok i seen people made the taco lasagna or whatever is called.. they usually use flour tortillas and just meat and taco seasoning.. then they top it with salsa cheese and other stuff..

My problem with this is that flour tortillas are not very good.. they arent as healthy and i just dont like bleached corn.. also thats a lot of meat!!.. to make a lasagna this big you prob need like3 lbs of meat.. that's too much.. and its not as flavorful and extremely unhealthy.. not to mention expensive.. did you know meat suppose to go up a lot this year? anyways

I'm not claiming my lasagna is healthy at all.. you better eating a salad.. but is the superbowl for crying out loud.. so this is a falvorful and healthy you gonna get.. because you are cutting down the amount of meat traditionally used by 1/3 and replacing it with refried beans, salsa, tomatoes and onions

Ingredients for this item

The Shopping list is a follows
16 Oz Refried Beans
16 oz or more of salsa
15 oz cheese sauce
1 tomatoes
1/2 large white onion
Doritos bag
Corn Tortillas.. (try fresh tortillas from the local mexican tortilleria)
1 lbs of Ground Beef.
Taco Seasoning

and a 2.3 L or 2.3 quart casserole dish

Step 1: Cut Down Your Produce

Ok you dont need tomatoes and onions.. you can just do it with salsa.. however, i like to add fresh produce to the salsa is because it gives the impression that you made the whole salsa from scratch :) also it gives it a nice texture when chewing it.. like a crispier bite..
If you and your friends like spicy stuff.. you can chop up some jalapenos and add them.. i didnt cause i had some people who don't like spicy stuff.. (remember to take out the seeds in the jalapenos) 

chop your onions and then your tomatoe.. do it in this order.. so your onions dont get red sauce all over them

make sure your knifes are nice and sharp.. thats the secret to not get runny tomatoes and not crying

keep them separated

Step 2: Cook Your Ground Beef or Turkey

ok you can replace your ground beef with turkey.. my wife does that.. i kinda like beef better.. but i think is because i'm brainwashed to thinking that beef goes in tacos.. 

Cook your ground meat simmer it with your taco seasoning.. i made my own but you can  use the store bought.. add a bit of water .. i used about half of cup.. just make sure it doesnt get very watery.. Use a big pan!.. i used a small one.. <-- bad idea because you will later mix it with other stuff

Step 3: Mix Your Your Beef, Salsa, Tomatoes, Onions, Refried Beans, (jalapenos)

I only used like 1/3 of the onion and 1 tomatoe but this is all up to your taste..

set aside some for the top topping and mix

This is where i wish i used a bigger pan.. mix your beef, salsa, tomatoes, onions, refried beans, (jalapenos).. mix it well!

Put it in the microwave.. or heat up the mix in the stove for a bit.. since it gets cool with the salsa beans etc

Step 4: Layer Up Your Lasagna

This is the fun part

Ok as you can see i'm using pre packaged tortillas.. i wanted to use fresh corn tortillas from the local mexican tortilleria.. but i didnt have time to go there.. However, everyone still loved the lasagna .. so don't worry about it if you cant get fresh tortillas..

This is another thing you can do.. you can cook the tortillas in a pan for 30 secs.. just to get them a bit softer.. i didnt do this.. because the lasagna was gonna sit for like 1 hour till people arrived to my house.. this time lets the juices and the warmth of the beef mixture to soften up the tortillas..

Do a layer of tortillas.. and beef mixture and repeat the process.. if you want to make it more filling.. make the beef mix layers skinnier.. so you have more tortilla layers..

This is definitely up to you.. you don't need a doritos layer at the top.. however, i had them.. and my friends were over.. so i wanted to give it a wow factor.. so i added the last layer of Doritos.. as you can see it looks delicious.. 

add cheese sauce.. i only used 1/2 the can.. but you can use the whole thing.. add your left over tomatoes.. onions (jalapenos)

throw it in the microwave or oven to heat up the cheese just a bit..

let it sit for like 10 mins to get the tortillas soft.. and voila.. Taco Lasagna.. the perfect ratio of dip and tortilla chips for ever bite!

cut it and serve it like you would ordinary lasagna .. this is a dish not a dip.. if you want dip i wil have an instructable up soon :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I do something like this but I call it enchilada casserole. :D Very good!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yum.. is the same thing almost.. but instead of salsa and beans mix.. you would use enchilada sauce


    10 years ago on Introduction

    At the risk of sounding critical... where's the lasagna part? Isn't this just nachos?

    It still looks yummy! :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hmm i think the term lasagna is used for anything layered?
    i was gonna say that used pasta.. but then they have that lasagna that uses egg plants instead of the pasta layers.
    Then i thought anything that layers meat .. but then they have that veggie lasagna. which uses veggies instead of tomatoes..
    So if you think about it lasagna i think means anything layered?
    i might be wrong but taco lasagna makes it for a catchy name right? :)



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You could be right about the layers and the terminology. I still think it looks great and yes, the name is catchy. I might give this a try one night, but I'd have to load mine with jalapenos. :)