Introduction: Ultimate Travel Charger

We've all had it happen you're on a trip and your device runs out of juice. Well as you know most devices charge on USB making it very easy to charge anything anywhere you go. When I moved to Hawaii I started narrowing down my selection of charging accessories to the bare minimum so that it was easy to carry with me on the plane. I apologize in advance for any formatting issues but I'm publishing this on my iPhone with the Instructables app

Step 1: The Bits and Pieces

You'll need a few things to get started first you'll need any USB cables charger devices again you will need a charger to charge the USB devices and you need a bag put it. -Charging cable for your phone(I use the three and one mini USB micro USB and iPhone charging cable) -Charging cables for any other accessories(I have a charging cable for the PSP seeing as how I bring the PSP with me when I travel for long layovers or long flights) -USB chargers for car and home(I chose the trans4m charger because it goes from home to auto two battery) -If traveling to Europe you will need a European plug adapter -a bag to put it all in(I used an old pocket camera bag) -Eyeglass cleaning kit for those iPhone screens it gets so covered in fingerprint

Step 2: Bag It All Up

Now that you've gathered your pieces put it all in the bag and pack it in your carry-on.