Introduction: Ultimate Triple-decker Strawberry PB&J


- The product contains PEANUTS and STRAWBERRIES. If you are ALLERGIC to either one of them, please REFRAIN from participating in this evaluation.

- This activity necessitates a usage of knife. Please be cautious when handling sharp objects.

Have Fun and Enjoy your sandwich!

Make sure to abide by all the instructions, if you want the best result.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

3 slices of bread



Peanut butter (brand of your choosing)

Strawberry jam (brand of your choosing)

A knife or A butter knife

Step 2: Step 1: Begin With Three Slices of Bread

Use and separate 3 slices of bread (brand or type of your choosing)

Step 3: Prepare Strawberries

Wash a few strawberries thoroughly (about 3-5)

Step 4: Prepare Strawberries

Cut strawberries into thin slices

Step 5:

Put peanut butter on one slice of bread. Spread evenly and apply as much as needed.

Step 6:

Apply peanuts on to the peanut butter.

Step 7:

Place another slice of bread on top of the peanut butter slice, creating a peanut butter sandwich.

Step 8:

Spread strawberry jam on top of the second slice added.

Step 9:

Place strawberries in the jelly

Step 10:

Place last bread slice on top of the strawberries and jam.

Step 11: Cut Sandwich

Cut sandwich in half from diagonal corner to diagonal corner.

Step 12: Sit Back and Enjoy Your Sandwich!

Enjoy your sandwich!