Introduction: Ultralight Trail Run / Hiking Gaiters

Ultralight, hiking/trail running gaiters.

Perfect for trail running or fast hiking to keep rocks and sand out. Good for winter to keep majority of snow out. They are not waterproof but will keep things out.

Total weight 30g or just over an ounce per pair

Total cost 1-1.5$ per pair


What you need:

-Elastic fabric (about ½ m x ½m)

-Metal clothing hook (2)

-Piece of reinforcing fabric-5cm Velcro

-Polyester thread-Scissors, measuring tape, marking pencil

-Paper to make form-Sewing machine (preferably the one that can-do Z stitch)

Step 1: STEPS

1. Measure out 40cm x 20cm piece of paper. Fold 2cm at top and bottom edges and fold paper in half. At the top end measure 9cm (from left edge) and mark. Draw line from that point to lower right end and cut the upper right piece off. What remains is your form. It is the same for left and right gaiter.

2. Use the form to cut same piece from fabric. Use something heavy to hold fabric from sliding. Best to mark with marking pencil or marker and then cut it out using scissors

3. Hem the upper and lower edges. Fold 1-2cm and stitch around using Z stitch. Using Z stitch allows for fabric to stretch without ripping the thread. If sewing machine does not have Z stitch pattern, use wide interval line stitching and stretch material as you stitch

4. Stitch the middle of gaiter together. Make sure you stitch inside and then turn fabric inside out. I use normal line stitching here. Do two lines for reinforcement

5. Add reinforcement at the “toe” of gaiter and insert a hook. I used patch material which had glue on one side of the fabric that activates by heat using iron. It catches the fabric in place allowing you to fold it and set it up for stitching. Make a hole before stitching and insert a hook. Stitch around several times to keep it well in place. I recommend going slow and “manually” turning the sewing machine to prevent needle from snapping if it hits metal hook

6. Stitch in Velcro at the back. I used soft part in the gaiter and hooky part on the shoe. I also used a bit of double-sided tape to hold Velcro in place while stitching

7. Glue in hooky part of Velcro onto shoe. Contact cement works well. Clean and apply to both surfaces. Wait a minute or two and attach pieces. Apply pressure with pliers or something hard. Let dry overnight for glue to harden and bond properly