Introduction: Travel Safe

Do you ever fear your wallet or cards will get stolen while travelling or staying in a hotel or hostel? I do and had once a part of my cash stolen by a hotel personnel. I now split my resources and keep at different places, bags, on person, but also devised some not so obvious secret stash compartments . One of them is an empty toothpaste tube. It is just laying in your bathroom kit, and not very attractive prize.

In this short tutorial I show how you can use an empty toothpaste or shaving cream tube to create a small hiding place that can hold at least few hundred bucks and can get you out of trouble when you need it the most


Empty or near empty toothpaste / cream tube

Hair pin



Step 1: Find a Tube

Select an empty or almost empty toothpaste or shaving cream or hand cream tube and empty any left over contents

Step 2:

Cut the end of the tube open.

Clean it using water and or paper towel. Make sure you use something long like a spoon to reach the top from the inside. Let let dry naturally or use another paper towel

Step 3:

Stick your cash, jewellery, or even cards ( not all toothpaste are wide enough)

Wrap the end several times and clamp it with a hair pin

You might want to deflate some air out at the end to make it looks like almost empty tube

Step 4: Go Out and See the World

Secret Compartment Challenge

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Secret Compartment Challenge