Introduction: Unbalanced Vase

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This unbalanced vase (weight inserted in the base) is a 3d print of a freeform drawing.

The 3d printing and design files are available at:

Step 1:

I drew a 100mm by 125mm box on a sheet of paper (within the buildable limits of my MakerBot Replicator) and drew a vase. I marked dots at points that would sort of define the curves.  I measured the x,y coordinates of each dot (lower left corner is 0,0--upper right is 100,125).

Step 2:

In Autodesk 123d I created a "box," 100mm by 125mm by 36mm high.  Then I used the "spline" tool to input my points on the upper curve.

Step 3:

Using the "extrude" tool, I selected the upper left area and "cut" (-36mm) from the box.

Step 4:

Using the "spline" tool and my coordinates, I drew the bottom curve and "extrude, cut" the lower part of the box.  What you see in the image is the "top view" of the box.

Step 5:

I changed the view (tool in upper right corner) so that I could see the bottom of the vase.  Then I selected the "circle" tool and made a circle in the center of the bottom of the vase.  I "extrude, cut" 15mm (enough for 9 quarters).  I would suggest going to 20mm for  more quarters and a better weight balance.

I changed the view to the top of the vase and made a small hole for the flower.

Step 6:

Using the "fillet" tool, I selected sharp edges to be rounded.

Step 7:

I sent the file to the printer.  This photo shows the inside of the vase and the "match" to the original drawing.

Step 8:

This is the finished vase--but it won't stand on its on--top heavy to the right.

Step 9:

Insert quarters in the base.

Step 10:

Now it will stand!

Step 11:

Add a few flowers and you're done.

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