Introduction: Unblock Shower Drains Fast

About: Expert Tradesman Blackbelt in plumbing

This is a super fast method of removing Hair that is clogging up your shower drainage. its really easy, follow the simple steps show in the included and you will have clear running drains in around 3 minutes.


All you need is-

  1. Jr hacksaw blade
  2. Gloves
  3. Plastic bag

Step 1: Unblock the Drains With a Hacksaw?

Take your Jr Hacksaw and remove the blade.

The Blade is all you will need, the type of saw shown is a very common old design. The easiest way to remove the blade is by taking the saw handle in hand and pushing the end of the saw into the ground, this will take the tension off the blade and allow you to easily remove it from the frame.

Step 2: Using the Blade

Make sure you are using gloves for this part, it will protect your hands from the blade and give you a much better grip to pull out the offending hair.

Take the blade and push it down into the drain hole. using a sweeping motion try to collect the hairs onto the blade teeth. this is easily done as the hairs quickly snag onto the teeth.

Step 3: Plenty of Twisting

Next once the hairs have started to snag onto the blade begin to twist the blade around.

Always keep twisting in the same direction, keep going until you can feel the resistance from the hair being tightly wrapped up.

Step 4: Now Pull

Once you can feel the hair tightly wrapped up, slowly pull the blade out.

You may need to use a tugging motion to help ease it out.

there will be some resistance but with patience and persistent pulling it will soon come loose.

Step 5: Try Not to Barf

Here's where the bag comes in.

once all the blade and hair are out throw directly into the bag and tie it up it will probably Smell Bad so be quick!

Now enjoy your free flowing drains once more